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Welcome to Mrs. Carlson's Web Page!


At long last our page is again updated and

new items have been added!

The summer of 2009 saw the 

Carlson Road Trip

take place.  The trip took us through Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota! 




                  18th                     19th                         20th                                 21st                                   22nd                            23rd                                24th
           Washington       Idaho-Montana Glendive, Stanton     Napoleon, Mille Lacs          Mille Lacs, Minnesota          Mille Lacs,                      Mille Lacs, 
                                                                         Dickinson                                                                                                      Minnesota                      Albert Lea         


         25th                     26th                               27th                                      28th                                 29th                                        30th                           31st
Perry & Elk               Lincoln,                         Lincoln,                                Lincoln,                        Seward & Wall                 Rapid City, Custer,          St. Onge,
 Horn,Iowa            Nebraska                      Nebraska                            Nebraska                                                                        Hot Springs      Baker, Miles City

August 1--Montana, Idaho, Washington and HOME!!!


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Take me to Swedish dräkt (traditional clothing) from: Blekinge   

and Rättvik (in Dalarna)        



Nordiska Folkdancers of Seattle: 

Shall we dance? 

Scandinavian Folkdance      


The summer of 2008, Kathy visited three areas of Sweden

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